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5 Albums I've Been Listening To Recently (Part 2)

Yet again I've conjured up 5 albums which I've been currently listening to and probably haven't gone through your radar. I regard most of these as extremely good and unique 1) Conjunto Bembossa - Birimbau (Sambas) (1964) This may very well be the most obscure record I've talked about up to now. Boasting only a few views per song on youtube (though commanding high prices for the original vinyl issue), this easily earns the title of an underrated gem. While the songs may be covers of widely famous compositions, this album stands out for the absolute drive and punch embedded in the recordings, bringing out a jazzier and groovier side to these Brazillian compositions. 'Garôta de Ipanema', for example, is easily one of my favourites takes of the song out there. This is music that can both be danced to and listened to, not something many can accomplish. 2) Ben Webster - For The Guv'nor (1969) The complete opposite of the energy we'd witnessed

Thoughts on John Oliver & Biohazard / Brian Swords of York

'Untitled (ALICEB8)' A few months ago while browsing YouTube an interesting video popped up on my recommended tab: A late 80s art auction with what seemed like furry art by a certain Brian Swords of York. The work was intriguing enough that I ended up looking up this person's digital footprint and found out they've been acting under the moniker of 'Biohazard', producing drawings even more sexually charged than what we'd seen on the TV auction. The way the wee hours of the night were captured, reflecting raw emotions of love, left an impression on me and I ended up quickly putting together a  'Late Night' Mix using one of Brian's works as the cover (with permission, of course). While you could tell he had a big name in the furry scene, things seemed to stay on the down-low with little to no interaction between the people who consumed the art and the artist himself. 'Stay Up Late' That all changed a few hours ago when it came

5 Albums I've Been Listening To Recently (Part 1)

This space was originally intended for displaying new music, what's coming out (or has recently come out) on the internet. Though I find myself going back and listening to lots of older music, some of it pretty obscure in today's world. With these irregular posts, i'll be shining a light on a few at a time, particularly the ones i think most people won't be familiar with. 1) André Previn - The Popular Previn (1965) While easily dismissed as a cheesy 60s easy listening record featuring a world-class classical pianist, 'The Popular Previn' remains an extremely well performed and recorded album with a delightful mix of Jazz and some Bossa Nova covers along the way. The first track, a version of Jobim's own 'One Note Samba', is as electrifying as can be and remains one of my favourite renditions of the Brazillian classic. Along with it are several other interesting takes on popular music of the time, which don't steer very far from the then-sta

Deep Dive Vol. 5 - 'INTERNET CLUB: A Unique Vision'

▣世界から解放され▣ At least in my opinion, INTERNET CLUB is part of the original Vaporwave 'wonder-trio' alongside Infinity Frequencies and 骨架的 (Skeleton). The music these three have made since the early 2010s perfectly encapsulates the very best Vaporwave has to give while also not leading the listener on too much, like some later and current albums do. While extremely avant-garde and tense, some of INTERNET CLUB's work is seminal in putting together the puzzle of the most recent music medium: the internet. As a note, there won't be a chronological structure to these. The manner in which they're presented doesn't ask for one, either way. These are just chunks of data lost to time, waiting for someone to pick them up and appreciate them. WEBINAR 'WEBINAR', has maintained its classic status for almost 10 years now, having come out in 2011 (that was a hell of a long time ago! Time flies by...). The fact that this album only alludes to its themes, the mo

Deep Dive Vol. 4 - 'Halo Acid: Inner City Anxiety'

The history of Halo Acid can be traced back to even before the very inception of Dream Catalogue. As a close friend of HKE, the label boss, the producer helped shape the classic Dream sound through curation and presentation of his view on the matter, even though the first album we'd see from this London-native's particular moniker would only come in 2016. Days Of Night It happened to be 'Days Of Night', making for the 47th release on the Dream subsidiary TKX Vault. While comparatively contained and at times purely ambient, this project managed to turn heads not only for the collaborative track with HKE that closes the album (clocking in at over 22 minutes), '37 Hours', but also for its unique sound that would go on to be dubbed 'Ghost Tech' and further explored on the artist's label at this time, TEKRES. The label opened its doors in 2016 with an energetic split tape entitled 'No Dreams', a collaboration with HKE who himself had al

Deep Dive Vol. 3 - 'KöSHRiMP: Sketches of Rouen'

KöSHRiMP is one of the most brilliant artists I've heard, seen and known since I began exploring the underground internet music 'scene' (for lack of a better word). His music is presented alongside art & comics drawn by himself, some of it even serving as soundtracks to these stories. One of my main goals with this instalment of 'Deep Diving' is also simplifying his often overlooked output, in order to turn more people onto a chunk of albums that may have gone under the radar up to now. 13. 13. 13. We're not starting off with the main KöSHRiMP name, but with Tom's SOViET NiTEKLUB hardvapor project and the 4 albums it spawned. While somewhat chained down by the genre tag, Cochien's signature style blends through every track and gives us a glimpse into what would become of his music while constantly drawing inspiration from DC regular Chungking Mansions, a long-time friend of his. '怪談', released on the now-defunct 'The Vapour Libr

Deep Dive Vol. 2 - 'No Death: Purveyor Of Ambient'

The No Death project is one of the most interesting not only within drone and general electronic music but also through its visual art component. It’s the brainchild of Wisconsin-based Jack Duros, who has recently taken on the bass guitar with local band ‘Lulu the Cat’ and currently runs the ‘Alien Garage’ label with Rhucle, another extremely talented musician with whom Jack collaborates under ‘The Rubies’. Opening up the discography we have ‘Still’, a 2016 album originally released on the now-defunct Bedlam Tapes that has changed homes a few times until currently settling on the artist’s Bandcamp page. This is a classic example of what the artist creates, be it the long-form ambient tracks (of which there are three here, accompanied by a shorter piece) or the album art itself, created by Mark Saab who would go on to inspire No Death to follow the realm of 3D art in his future releases and as a freelance artist. Following this, ‘Signals of Unknown Futures’ was released the same

Deep Dive Vol. 1 - 'Subaeris: The Mind & The City'

This series has recently become unavailable where it was originally distributed for reasons unbeknownst to me. Either way, i will continue it on my personal blog as it wouldn't be right to let some of these sit in a drafts pile. This first chapter delves into the discography of Subaeris – an alias in which manages to function as a separate artist in his own right, distinct from HKE's other work. The Subaeris project, through its many different iterations, has always kept a clean presentation – a rhythmic counterpart to the more ambient-driven aliases that David kept alive. Themes that are already widely explored within the Cyberpunk genre, like love and futuristic cities are juxtaposed with an almost intervapeur character: meditation, transcendence, introspection, etc. Kegare The project started off in early 2012, where we saw the release of ‘Subaeris’ and ‘Kegare’, two albums with a heavy UK garage influence, even Burial-esque at points. But despite the fact tha